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Hi and thanks for stopping by my shiny new lifeblog, Faithfamilyfood! I have never committed to anything like this before but recently I've felt a need to pour out the many thoughts and conversations my brain has into a designated space-a soundboard if you will.

I live in Cornwall with my wonderful husband Israel who is an assistant pastor and our two children, new adventure for us and we really are loving it. Close to the coast where I've taken up sea swimming in my free time (I know, what free time!), as a keen photographer you will probably notice my images begin to show up on these pages.

Ive gone with the 3 most important Fs, Faith Family & Food.

I love Jesus with all my heart and hope that through some of my contemplations and glimpses of kingdom living I hope to share, that you will connect deeper with him also.

I am a Home educating mum to 2 wonderfully made children, Malachi (9) & Meredith (6)- they teach me so much about life, chaos and finding Joy in the simple everyday. I hope to bring some of the lessons I've learned (and un-learned!) over the past decade, entwine them with some Grace and share with others.

Food-  what more is there to say? I love food, it is possibly one of my first thoughts in the morning.. but I also fall into the mundane "Oh no what's for dinner" trap.

Im going to share some tasty recipes, baking disasters and just the simple pleasure of enjoying food. P.s- Im vegetarian so get ready for that! 

Blessings to you,


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