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Breakfast for the Win

We've had a really, really busy month with being away from home for over 3 weeks.

On our return I spent time baking, listening to podcasts and reconnecting with my worship playlist that just gives me all the homely feels.

Im not very disciplined about eating breakfast, everyone else settles down to the kitchen table in the mornings while I end up pottering about doing 'Mum' stuff, while the others are feasting I tend to be prepping for a day of homeschooling, putting on the washing ( that I already washed twice and forgot about!) and scrolling a bit of social while I hide in the laundry room.

Inevitably, by 10:30am I'm famished and already thinking about lunch-cue my intention to make quick, healthy and appealing breakfasts that are going to keep me going until lunchtime (or at least until my mid morning slice of cake-again, probably whilst hiding in a room away from the snack beasts that reside in my home) .

I like food, alot alot, so it has to be something good!

I use a lot of Joe Wicks recipes in home baking, easy to follow, relatively healthy and the pictures in his books always draw me in- this recipe below for Pear, ginger & Cranberry granola is a win. Fairly cheap to make, a healthy way to start the day and makes a decent batch to be stored for lots of quick breakfasts!

I also added in more varieties of nuts, smashed up with a rolling pin to add some extra protein and half a pack of goji berries that were loitering at the back of my cupboard.

Serving suggestions: Greek yoghurt and honey- its a classic!

Why not make a smoothie bowl and sprinkle this homemade granola generously with a handful of fresh berries, seeds or chopped banana.

I wold love to know some variations you try!

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